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Concerns may arise when dealing with probate litigation in Texas

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

There are various ways in which an individual or individuals may find themselves facing issues when it comes to an estate and probate. Texas readers may be interested in probate litigation currently taking place in another state. Reports stated that a man and his late wife had taken a woman into their home apparently to care for her after her Alzheimer’s disease progressed. After his wife’s death, the man reportedly had the woman admitted to a nursing home.

After the woman was taken into their home, her will was updated in order to reflect changes pertaining to the man and his wife. They apparently became considerable beneficiaries while relatives and other entities were negatively impacted. Though the man referred to the woman as his aunt, another nephew and sister-in-law of the woman contest that claim.

In addition to this dispute, the man –who is also an assistant judge in Vermont — is also facing litigation due to his alleged failure to carry out duties relating to the estate. He reportedly took money and made loans from the woman’s estate, and he believes those actions were legitimate. However, a court-appointed estate administrator believes that the man did not properly handle his “fiduciary responsibility.”

Dealing with any type of estate issue can seem overwhelming, but probate litigation may leave many individuals scrambling for answers. If Texas residents are facing such a predicament, they may wish to determine what options they have for attending to the legal proceedings. Discussing their concerns with experienced probate attorneys may be beneficial to their cases.

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