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Sam Cooke estate undergoing probate litigation

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2016 | Probate Litigation |

It is not unusual for complications to arise pertaining to the estates of deceased loved ones. Unfortunately, even years after the loved one has passed away, family members could still find themselves in the clutches of probate litigation. When facing such circumstances, individuals may wish to gain assistance in dealing with their legal issues.

Texas residents may be interested in the litigation involving the granddaughter of late soul singer Sam Cooke. Andrea Cooke was reportedly bequeathed part of the royalties stemming from her grandfather’s music, but conflict has arisen over her obtaining those royalties. She had apparently been urged to create a trust in order protect the money, and she had apparently been informed that she was the beneficiary of that trust.

Disagreements have arisen over whether the woman is truly the beneficiary of the trust. Though she had been informed by legal counsel that she held that position, she actually was not the beneficiary. An attorney reportedly claimed that position and has been paying royalties to the woman. As a result, multiple lawsuits have been filed in hopes of clearing up the matter.

Situations such as this one in which an individual may have been duped can be harrowing. Therefore, Texas residents may wish to ensure that they fully understand any legal terms to which they agree. In the event that problems surrounding a family member’s estate comes about, individuals may wish to learn more about probate litigation options that could potentially help them gain their due inheritances and ensure that their loved ones’ wishes are carried out.

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