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Carrie Fisher estate administration may face complications

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Once a loved one passes away, surviving family members and other individuals may have considerable interest in who will inherit the estate. Often, the outcomes of estate administration are not surprising, but complications could arise under certain circumstances. Texas residents may be interested in potential issues with the estate of late actress Carrie Fisher.

Recent reports stated that Fisher’s daughter and only child, Billie Lourd, is the beneficiary of her mother’s estate. The assets the 24-year-old woman will inherit include a car, ownership of multiple businesses, payout from life insurance, personal items and bank account funds. It was noted that Fisher’s home was going on the market at $18 million. 

The report went on to state that some issues could arise with the administration of certain assets. Fisher apparently utilized a living trust as part of her estate plans, but not all of her assets had been included in the trust at the time of her death. In hopes of avoiding probate complications, attorneys for her estate are arguing that she had the intention of including those items in the trust.

Though avoiding probate may help surviving family go through estate administration more quickly, the legal process may be needed in some cases. In situations like this one where items exist outside of a trust, going through probate may help uphold the integrity of the estate. If Texas residents have run into such issues with their loved ones’ estates, they may wish to find out how to address the possibility of probate.

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