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The right info may make probate easier for Texas residents

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2017 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Though most people have an estate that will need attending to after their deaths, it is not unusual for individuals to not know how that task will be carried out. Estate planning can help create details for Texas family members to follow when it comes to property distribution and other information, but those family members may not know what it means to go through probate. As a result, they may easily become overwhelmed and confused.

Luckily, probate does not have to be looked at as an intimidating process. In fact, there are many benefits that can come from going through the legal channels to settle an estate. If a loved one created a will, the court will examine that document, and family members will hopefully understand what the decedent wanted when it came to addressing estate needs.

Probate can also provide a time for disputes to be raised and settled. If creditors have claims against the estate, they may file claims during probate proceedings, and the executor of the estate has a duty to address those claims. However, creditors must file within a specified time period, or the executor has no obligation to pay the outstanding debt.

Closing an estate can be an emotional time for Texas residents, and because grief can make the idea of dealing with legal proceedings seem impossible, individuals may wish to consider enlisting professional assistance. Knowledgeable probate attorneys are available for interested parties to speak with if they hope to gain reliable information. Each probate process can have its own ups and downs, and family members may better navigate the proceedings if they have the right facts.

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