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Last minute estate plan changes may lead to probate litigation

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

After a loved one’s — or estranged husband’s — death, estate issues could arise. Texas residents may be interested in a case of probate litigation currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that the case involves the estate of a deceased wealthy rancher and his estranged wife, who believes that she should have control over more of the estate. Apparently, the woman has already obtained the $800,000 annual income from the citrus grower’s estate.

However, before his death, the man changed the terms of his largest trust and put his bank in charge rather than his wife. The woman believes that undue influence had an impact on this decision as he made the change only two months before his death, which occurred due to complications from diabetes. As a result, she wants the bank to resign as trustee on the account.

An attorney for the estate claims that it was not the deceased’s wishes to have his estranged wife in charge of the estate. The vice president for the trust operation did not wish to provide comment on the case. At this time, the parties apparently hope to negotiate in order to settle the legal dispute.

When questions arise regarding a deceased individual’s intentions when it comes to his or her estate plans, the issues can be difficult to work through. Probate litigation often comes about in hopes of reviewing the situation and ensuring that the individual’s wishes are followed. Texas residents facing such issues may wish to gain information on how they may be able to utilize legal options to address probate concerns of their own.

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