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Lack of formal documents may lead to probate litigation

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2017 | Probate Litigation |

When concerns come about regarding the remaining assets of a deceased loved one, it can be difficult to determine the best way to address those concerns. If there is conflicting information regarding the end-of-life wishes of a loved one, it is not usual for contention to arise. Should a conflict go unresolved informally, there may be cause for probate litigation.

Texas residents may be interested in the struggles of one family in another state. Reports indicated that a 17,000-acre ranch is at the center of the conflict. Apparently, the ranch is in the estate of a recently deceased woman, and her 84-year-old stepson is hoping to see his family’s land remain in the family. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether that may happen.

The man claims that his father had expressed wishes before his death that the land pass on to his surviving sons. However, these wishes were not put in a formal document. When the land passed to the man’s stepmother after his father’s death, she dictated in her will that the land go into a charitable trust. It was noted that litigation over the land had been ongoing for over a year, and it is still uncertain what the outcomes will be.

Facing the difficulties associated with estate-related issues can be challenging for surviving family. Some parties may feel that probate litigation is their last chance at ensuring that their loved one’s wishes are carried out. If Texas residents have concerns over the estate administration of their loved ones’ estates, they may wish to discuss their options with knowledgeable attorneys.

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