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Probate litigation can involve many people and entities

On Behalf of | May 11, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

Many complications can arise after a Texas resident’s death. When estate plans or beneficiary designations have not been updated, the chance for conflict could increase. In many cases, probate litigation may be necessary in order to resolve these conflicts, and third parties could end up caught up in the disputes.

It was recently reported that an insurance company is asking to be left out of such a dispute. Apparently, the estate of an out-of-state man is facing conflict involving the man’s ex-wife. Reports stated that the ex-wife and the estate representative are at odds over the man’s life insurance policy, which is worth nearly $154,000. The ex-wife was named as the beneficiary of the policy, but the couple divorced just over a month before the man’s death. Now the estate representative is claiming beneficiary status.

The insurance company believes that it will be putting itself at risk for a lawsuit by providing the policy proceeds to either party involved in the dispute. It has asked the court for permission to deposit the proceeds with the clerk of courts as well as to be excused from any part of the current estate litigation. It was unclear what other assets could potentially be at the center of the estate dispute.

Dealing with probate litigation can be difficult for numerous parties. However, Texas residents directly involved with an estate, whether as a claimant or personal representative, may have reason to move forward with this type of legal action. Conflict and concerns may not be easily resolved, and some parties may find it wise to consult with legal professionals regarding estate conflicts.

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