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Acting as executor during probate administration is no easy task

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Most people understand that emotional turmoil is likely to result from the loss of a loved one. However, even during this emotionally difficult time, it is likely that legal proceedings will need to take place. Probate administration is the process that allows the personal representative for an estate to settle final affairs and close the estate overall.

Texas residents who hold the position of executor will need to understand that they face a great deal of responsibility. Many aspects of a person’s life continues on even after death, and it is the executor’s job to ensure that those aspects are addressed and brought to an end. This often means that the representative will need to inform creditors, the Post Office, the Social Security Administration, other agencies and friends and family that the death has occurred and stop actions associated with the necessary accounts.

The executor will also need to inventory assets and determine the value of those assets to see whether estate taxes are applicable. Afterward, he or she will need to contact beneficiaries and work to distribute assets in the manner the decedent saw fit. This part of the process is not always easy, and it is possible that conflicts could come about.

Acting as executor of an estate is an important role and should not be entered into lightly. Of course, even individuals who feel prepared to take on the position may need help when it comes to completing every part of the probate administration process. Fortunately, there are legal professionals in Texas ready and willing to help interested parties through the proceedings.