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Time and cost may not be reasons to avoid probate

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2018 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Many Texas residents may think that since the legal proceedings needed to close an estate can become complicated, they should avoid it at all costs. However, probate does not have to be viewed as a negative process. Additionally, it makes sense for the details of a particular estate to better determine whether avoiding the process may be wise rather than simply viewing it as a mistake.

One concern that some people may have regarding probate is the amount of time it takes to complete. Certainly, it can be time-consuming to settle the affairs of an estate, but, again, the details of the estate will play a role in how long the legal proceedings take. More complex estates may take longer, but many probate cases close within a year. Additionally, probate typically allows a shorter amount of time for creditors to come forward with claims than if probate does not take place.

Another issue that often has individuals rethinking probate is the cost of the process. Certainly, there are legal fees and other costs that come along with closing an estate, but in reality, the amount of money spent on probate would likely come close to the amount spent trying to avoid probate. Because of these similarities, a person considering estate plans may just want to determine whether he or she wants to pay the avoidance-plan costs now, or have the estate pay for probate later.

Probate sometimes gets a negative reputation, but it can be a useful process for settling final affairs. If Texas residents are currently handling the estates of recently deceased loved ones, they may want to understand how to make the most out of the legal proceedings ahead. Enlisting the help of experienced attorneys can help executors and other parties who are concerned about the process move forward effectively.