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September 2018 Archives

Digital assets and accounts may play part in probate process

It is common for individuals in Texas and around the world to live much of their lives online. They may utilize online banking, social media accounts, photo storage, shopping accounts and many other conveniences. However, when a person dies, much of that information could be left in limbo if not addressed by surviving loved ones working through the probate process.

Burt Reynolds's estate plan may help with probate

The information a person leaves in an estate plan can greatly affect how final affairs are settled. Some documents may require probate proceedings, and other planning tools may allow assets to be left out of this process. Whatever the case, families often appreciate having guidance from their loved ones for this situation.

For probate to get underway, an executor must be appointed

Through the emotions that can often affect many Texas residents after the death of a loved one, individuals may have to handle a great deal of responsibility. In particular, the executor will need to follow the necessary steps to close the estate. The appointment of this person will take place at the beginning of the probate process.

Can you step down from the role of executor?

After the passing of a loved one, a person must handle the deceased's final affairs during the probate process. You may already know that this person is commonly referred to as the executor of the estate, but you may not have given much consideration to the idea of taking on this role for a family member's estate yourself.

Company shares at center of probate litigation

Family fights are often a way of life in Texas and across the country. At some point or another, a squabble will break out that may or may not have a simple resolution. After the death of a loved one, family disputes can easily lead to probate litigation if multiple parties disagree on how assets should be distributed.

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