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Probate litigation involves claims of murder

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2018 | Probate Litigation |

After a family member’s passing, discontent among surviving family is not unusual. In many cases, heirs may fight over the remaining estate, even if the deceased left a will. In particular, if one individual feels cheated, he or she may feel that probate litigation is necessary in hopes of reaching a more desirable outcome.

Texas readers may be interested in this type of dispute currently underway in another state. The situation involves two brothers and began after their mother died from drowning in a hot tub in 2016. One brother was named the personal representative in their mother’s will and is also set to inherit the majority of her remaining estate. However, the other brother believes that he would have been favored more if his mother had not died suddenly.

That brother claims that his mother had an appointment with her attorney to make changes to her estate planning documents, but she died only hours before that appointment. As a result, that brother claims that the other brother had a hand in their mother’s death to prevent those changes. However, the judge involved in the case dismissed the claim as there was no evidence supporting foul play or that the mother intended to make changes to her estate plan. It was noted that the estate is worth approximately $5.2 million.

Sibling fights can often escalate, and when a parent’s estate is involved, families can face a great deal of conflict. Though probate litigation may not result from every dispute, it is not unusual for surviving family to follow this course of action. If Texas residents believe that issues exist with their loved ones’ estates or if executors need to defend against claims, they may find it helpful to enlist professional legal help.