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A decedent’s credit report could be useful during probate

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Probate & Estate Administration |

Being the executor of a loved one’s estate can be a confusing task. Anyone in this position may find him or herself having to ask many questions in order to complete the probate process correctly. Of course, it is better to ask questions and gain reliable information than to try to muddle through without the right knowledge.

One aspect of closing a Texas estate that is the responsibility of the executor is to pay off remaining creditors. It is not always easy to know every creditor that a loved one had, so some individuals may wonder how they can easily find out this information. One step that could help uncover creditors is for the executor to request a copy of the decedent’s credit report from credit reporting companies.

This action is relatively easy. The executor can go online or mail a request for a copy of the report and provide the decedent’s death certificate and proof that the person making the request is the executor. It is important to remember that one credit reporting agency may not list every creditor, so requesting reports from the three major agencies is wise. It is also necessary to keep in mind that not all creditors report to the agencies, so additional actions may be needed to ensure that all creditors for the estate are found.

Paying off creditors is an important part of the probate process. Hopefully, finding the necessary information to complete this step will not pose significant problems for Texas executors. Still, it may be a smart move to enlist the help of experienced attorneys to ensure that each step is completed properly.