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How can a probate attorney help people through the process?

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2022 | Probate & Estate Administration |

When someone dies, their assets often have to pass through probate court. Texas requires court oversight of estates that include thousands of dollars of property or real property worth any amount. Some individuals attempt to handle the probate process and estate administration on their own, but that approach comes with risk.

There are numerous benefits that an executor or representative of an estate can derive from retaining the services of a Texas probate lawyer. How does an attorney help?

They reduce the risk of mistakes

Did you know that you could be held personally accountable for debts and taxes owed by the decedent if you improperly distribute assets from the estate? Did you know that family members could initiate litigation and try to remove you from your position if they believe that you have mismanaged assets or violated the instructions in the will?

It is very easy for someone unfamiliar with probate proceedings to make mistakes during estate administration. An attorney can help you at every step of the process, from presenting the will to the courts to notifying creditors about estate proceeding probate proceedings.

They can relieve you of the duty to appear in court

Often, those handling the estate of a loved one do so while juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities. Needing to take time off of work every time there is a hearing in court could damage your professional reputation or burn through your paid time off, leaving no reserves in case you need time off for an illness or family matter.

When you have a lawyer supporting you during probate proceedings, they can potentially attend court in your stead when you have other obligations at the same time as a scheduled hearing.

They can handle the technical details

From providing the appropriate notice to creditors to hiring professionals to appraise or manage estate assets, there are numerous obligations that would be very involved for someone unfamiliar with probate and estate administration.

However, for an attorney, such matters will be very easy to resolve. When you have a lawyer assisting you, you can rely on them to handle sending out written notices and signing contracts with service providers technically employed by the estate.

Additionally, you won’t have to cover those costs yourself because the estate will pay for the lawyer’s work. Understanding what an attorney provides during estate administration could motivate you to get the right help for this complex process.