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Protecting Your Legacy

April 2016 Archives

How debts can be handled when administering an estate

Most people are familiar with the old adage “you can’t take it with you.” This refers to the reality that once you pass away, you cannot take your riches with you into the afterlife (or your next life, depending  on your beliefs. As such, your wealth, as well as your debts, stay behind.

How you can help caregivers even when you're incapacitated

The end of life process for many people is not easy; regardless of whether you are caring for a person in steep decline or an prospective executor. Part of this difficulty lies in knowing where important documents are and gaining the authority to make critical decisions for the person when they cannot make decisions on their own.

Three steps to protect a loved one's estate from being wasted

While it is rarely discussed in the news, the problem of having a person’s estate looted is more common than you may think. Whether it is from unscrupulous investors or greedy relatives, the act of taking things simply because they are there and not accounted for in a will is a problem that plagues many estates.

Three things millenials should think with estate planning

For many millenials, estate planning can be a morbid topic. After all, they are too young to think about what would happen to their property if they passed away. Also, they may not feel as if estate planning would be appropriate for them since they do not have many of the wealth, assets and real property that many older people have who have thorough estate plans.

Three basic estate planning documents

To many people, estate planning means creating a plan to distribute a multi-million dollar estate where heirs are expecting payouts of tens of thousands of dollars or to inherit cars, homes or vintage paintings. Indeed, there are some people (and families) where this is a reality. However, for most people, this is only a fantasy.

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