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November 2016 Archives

Probate litigation in Texas may help prove a will is invalid

Texas residents may be interested in will dispute currently taking place in another area. Reports indicated that probate litigation is proceeding due to the daughter of a deceased man believing that her father's will was drafted with undue influence from a friend of the man. Apparently, the friend and her husband stand to inherit a considerable amount of the man's estate per the terms of the new will. 

What happens to my parents' estate if they pass away with debts?

As you cope and come to terms with the death of a parent, you may have many questions running through your mind about what will happen to their property. Any property and belongings they leave behind is called their estate. The process in which you might distribute or sell their property, pay any unpaid bills and pay their debts is called probate.

Probate litigation not unusual when estate issues arise in Texas

Many individuals often want to come together after the passing of a loved one. However, if there are issues with their loved one's estate, there is a chance for conflict to arise. Probate litigation is not unusual in these instances, and Texas residents may be interested in such a case currently taking place in another state.

Estate planning: DIY trends may affect Texas residents

It is often important for individuals, including Texas residents, to make their families aware of end-of-life wishes. Estate planning may be a wise course of action for ensuring that those wishes are made known. However, if the plans are not created properly, surviving family members could face potential legal issues and even probate litigation.

Probate litigation: Decision made regarding Sendak estate

When it comes to dividing property after an individual's death, the process may not always be as easy as hoped. Even if proper estate planning documents were filed, there is a chance that parties may take issue with certain aspects of those documents. If concerns do arise, those individuals may wish to move forward with probate litigation.

Planning may reduce probate & estate administration conflicts

Though many Texas residents may wish to make their estate plans in hopes of appeasing their surviving family, issues could still arise. Because various circumstances could play into how a family views a will or other estate documents, individuals may wish to consider their personal family dynamics if they wish to work toward minimal conflict. An experienced probate & estate administration attorney may be able to help in such efforts.

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