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December 2016 Archives

Estate issues, probate litigation may cause confusion in Texas

When an individual dies without a last will and testament, their surviving loved ones could face complications. When dividing up the estate, working to gain access to parts of an estate or other issues cause considerable upset, individuals may not know where to turn. Because such conflicts could lead to probate litigation, individuals may wish to determine what options they may have.

Sam Cooke estate undergoing probate litigation

It is not unusual for complications to arise pertaining to the estates of deceased loved ones. Unfortunately, even years after the loved one has passed away, family members could still find themselves in the clutches of probate litigation. When facing such circumstances, individuals may wish to gain assistance in dealing with their legal issues. 

Texas residents may face disputes due to lack of estate planning

Fighting within the family soon after the death of a loved one is likely the last situation Texas residents want to face. However, there are various circumstances that could lead individuals into estate-related disputes. If no estate planning took place on the part of the deceased family member, various topics could be at risk of disagreement, including funeral arrangements. 

Consider beneficiary designations within estate planning

For many in Texas, handling matters related to handing down wealth to loved ones can be a complicated affair. One way that many seek to simplify the issue is through the use of beneficiary designations during estate planning. By designating a person as a beneficiary, the assets held within an account can pass directly to the named individual at the time of death of the account holder.

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