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Texas estate administration may contain complications

When an estate is ready to be administered, individuals who have been appointed executors come forward to take on the necessary duties. However, some Texas residents may have died without making such appointments or creating any type of estate plan, and as a result, legal professionals may be tasked with carrying out estate administration. Unfortunately, this task may prove complicated when there are no immediate heirs or beneficiaries known. 

Has undue influence impacted your loved one's estate plan?

After a loved one's death, you likely understand that his or her estate will go through the probate process. At some point, you may have discussed your family member's intentions and wishes for property distribution and other related estate topics, and as a result, you may feel that you have an understanding of what to expect when the time comes to disclose the terms of the will. However, you may feel blindsided if the information revealed in the will completely differs from your expectations.

Business valuation may have estate planning role in Texas

Texas business owners undoubtedly know that the value of their businesses can plan a significant role in various aspects of their lives. In some cases, having a roundabout estimate of the company's worth may suffice. However, other subjects may need a more exact valuation in order for the issue to be addressed correctly. Estate planning is one of those areas. 

Wills do not eliminate probate and estate administration needs

Many individuals may have limited knowledge when it comes to the probating of their estates. Some Texas residents may think that having a will allows their family to avoid the probate process, but that is not the case. While creating a last will and testament can make the probate and estate administration process go more smoothly, that document alone does not eliminate the need for court proceedings.

Probate litigation may not be easy to avoid in Texas

When it comes to being fair with each of their children, many parents with more than one child have likely struggled over the years. As a result, they may wonder what the best options are for doling out inheritances while creating their estate plans. Because disputed inheritances can often lead to probate litigation, many Texas parents likely want to avoid potential issues at all costs, but that outcome may not be easy.

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