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Estate plan issues may cause Texas estate administration problems

The majority of Texas estates will go through the probate process unless individuals take steps to keep their estates from such legal proceedings. However, many parties do not choose to follow such a route. In fact, numerous people either do not estate plan or have mistakes in their plans that result in issues when it comes to estate administration. 

3 factors that could slow down probate administration

After a loved one dies, having the responsibility to close his or her estate may fall to you. If your family member named you executor of the estate, you will have many duties to carry out in order to ensure that you address your loved one's wishes appropriately and that any outstanding personal and financial issues get resolved as necessary. In order to begin carrying out the necessary tasks, you will need to go through the probate process.

Could a DIY will lead to probate litigation in Texas?

Creating a will is a very personal process for anyone who chooses to take part in this aspect of estate planning. It can also prove somewhat difficult to find the best manner in which to create a will, as there are many options available. Some Texas residents may wish to enlist the help of experienced legal counsel, while others may simply consider making the document on their own using online resources. However, overlooked issues could result in probate litigation.

Reviewing plans may be as important as estate planning itself

Texas residents who have created an estate plan may already feel as if they have made a great accomplishment in life. True, having a plan in place can help ensure that family members do not face unexpected difficulties after a loved one's passing. However, it may be important to remember that updating a plan may be just as important as estate planning itself. 

Probate litigation may help those who suspect undue influence

When Texas residents believe that their loved ones were taken advantage of financially before their passing, the situation can be distressing. In many cases, after the contents of a will have been disclosed, surviving family members discover that an unlikely individual has been named a beneficiary to some or all of their loved one's estate. When such circumstances arise, some parties may wish to move forward with probate litigation.

Beneficiary designations may impact estate administration

The details of a person's estate plan can lay out his or her hopes for how the remaining estate will be addressed. Though Texas residents likely have the best of intentions when it comes to bequeathing items to family and other loved ones, if they do not consider their beneficiaries carefully, issues could arise. Unfortunately, surviving family members will likely have to handle the resulting estate administration complications.

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