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Texas executors may find estate administration intimidating

After the death of a spouse or other close loved one, the last thing on many Texas residents' minds is dealing with paperwork. Unfortunately, paperwork can play an important role in ensuring that a person's estate administration goes smoothly. Though it may seem difficult, having the right information in order could help individuals get through necessary legal proceedings in a timely manner.

DIY estate planning may lead to missing information in Texas

Many Texas residents may like to do many important tasks without outside assistance. While this type of approach may work in a variety of situations, when it comes to estate planning, parties may wish to think twice before foregoing legal help. These plans can have significant impacts on surviving family, and if mistakes are made, those loved ones could face estate administration complications.

How long does probate take?

The death of a loved one is a heavy time, and sometimes the weight can become a burden. While the funeral and celebrations of a person's life may give you some sense of relief, the process of finalizing your family member's estate may drag out your ability to find closure, preventing you from truly moving forward.

Probate litigation may arise over trust management in Texas

Issues concerning a person's estate do not always have to take place after the individual has died. Texas residents may be interested in a probate litigation case currently underway in another state involving a 92-year-old woman and her fight to maintain control of her $200 million trust. The woman inherited the fortune from her great-grandfather, and now her former legal counsel has attempted to have her considered unfit to control the funds.

Gaining control of an estate may lead to probate litigation

When a minor dies, surviving family members may have a difficult time addressing estate needs. The estate could face considerable issues, especially if there are multiple parties vying for control of the estate. It is not unusual for probate litigation to result. Texas residents may be interested in such a situation currently taking place in another state.

Last minute estate plan changes may lead to probate litigation

After a loved one's -- or estranged husband's -- death, estate issues could arise. Texas residents may be interested in a case of probate litigation currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that the case involves the estate of a deceased wealthy rancher and his estranged wife, who believes that she should have control over more of the estate. Apparently, the woman has already obtained the $800,000 annual income from the citrus grower's estate.

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