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Could terms of Jerry Lewis will lead to probate litigation?

Though the death of a family member can be shocking, sometimes the details of that individual's estate plan can also catch surviving family off guard. Though each person is entitled to create a will or other estate-related documents with terms that he or she believes best suit the situation, some parties may feel that those terms are unfair. As a result, probate litigation could potentially result.

Administering an estate without a will in Texas

Many Texas residents may not think that they need a will since their largest assets, their home, retirement plan and life insurance policy will all pass to heirs without the need for probate. For instance, spouses usually own homes as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, which means the surviving spouse owns the home outright after the death of the other owner.

Family and funds: Probate litigation could arise over inheritance

In order to address serious issues, legal proceedings sometimes become necessary. When it comes to concerns with a deceased individual's estate, probate litigation could be the avenue that Texas residents utilize in order to have their concerns addressed. The reasons for the conflict can vary, but one issue could revolve around certain family members feeling as if another individual should not inherit portions of the estate.

Estate administration concerns could lead to litigation in Texas

Even years after a person's death, there can be many aspects of an estate that need addressing. If the deceased utilized trusts or other documents to protect assets, it is not unusual for trustees or other parties to be in charge of estate administration duties for some time. However, this also means that issues could potentially arise if a person believes that the administration is not being properly addressed.

Estate planning together may benefit Texas spouses

Money commonly plays a significant role in most relationships. Some Texas residents may be on the same page as far as when to save and when to spend, but other individuals may have differing views on financial habits that could cause conflict on occasion. Because of the potential for contention when it comes to finances, spouses may want to work together when it comes to estate planning.

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