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Lack of formal documents may lead to probate litigation

When concerns come about regarding the remaining assets of a deceased loved one, it can be difficult to determine the best way to address those concerns. If there is conflicting information regarding the end-of-life wishes of a loved one, it is not usual for contention to arise. Should a conflict go unresolved informally, there may be cause for probate litigation.

Probate litigation seeks to freeze shooter's assets for victims

In recent weeks, the country has seen the suffering of dozens of families in the aftermath of the music festival shootings out West. It seems people in every state, including Texas, had some connection to one of the innocent victims of the rampage that left 58 people dead and injured more than 500. Now, at least one family is ready to enter probate litigation to ensure the shooter's estate is secured for the victims of the tragedy.

Could terms of Jerry Lewis will lead to probate litigation?

Though the death of a family member can be shocking, sometimes the details of that individual's estate plan can also catch surviving family off guard. Though each person is entitled to create a will or other estate-related documents with terms that he or she believes best suit the situation, some parties may feel that those terms are unfair. As a result, probate litigation could potentially result.

Family and funds: Probate litigation could arise over inheritance

In order to address serious issues, legal proceedings sometimes become necessary. When it comes to concerns with a deceased individual's estate, probate litigation could be the avenue that Texas residents utilize in order to have their concerns addressed. The reasons for the conflict can vary, but one issue could revolve around certain family members feeling as if another individual should not inherit portions of the estate.

Probate litigation may arise over trust management in Texas

Issues concerning a person's estate do not always have to take place after the individual has died. Texas residents may be interested in a probate litigation case currently underway in another state involving a 92-year-old woman and her fight to maintain control of her $200 million trust. The woman inherited the fortune from her great-grandfather, and now her former legal counsel has attempted to have her considered unfit to control the funds.

Gaining control of an estate may lead to probate litigation

When a minor dies, surviving family members may have a difficult time addressing estate needs. The estate could face considerable issues, especially if there are multiple parties vying for control of the estate. It is not unusual for probate litigation to result. Texas residents may be interested in such a situation currently taking place in another state.

Last minute estate plan changes may lead to probate litigation

After a loved one's -- or estranged husband's -- death, estate issues could arise. Texas residents may be interested in a case of probate litigation currently underway in another state. Reports indicated that the case involves the estate of a deceased wealthy rancher and his estranged wife, who believes that she should have control over more of the estate. Apparently, the woman has already obtained the $800,000 annual income from the citrus grower's estate.

Estate planning issues may lead to Texas probate litigation

After the passing of a loved one, the surviving family members understandably feel a great loss. Additionally, Texas residents may also feel some confusion about the role they are to play when it comes to handling the deceased individual's estate. Unfortunately, this confusion may stem from estate planning mistakes, and in order to get to the true intentions, probate litigation may seem necessary.

Could a DIY will lead to probate litigation in Texas?

Creating a will is a very personal process for anyone who chooses to take part in this aspect of estate planning. It can also prove somewhat difficult to find the best manner in which to create a will, as there are many options available. Some Texas residents may wish to enlist the help of experienced legal counsel, while others may simply consider making the document on their own using online resources. However, overlooked issues could result in probate litigation.

Probate litigation may help those who suspect undue influence

When Texas residents believe that their loved ones were taken advantage of financially before their passing, the situation can be distressing. In many cases, after the contents of a will have been disclosed, surviving family members discover that an unlikely individual has been named a beneficiary to some or all of their loved one's estate. When such circumstances arise, some parties may wish to move forward with probate litigation.

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