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Why are some wills contested?

You probably already know that just because you've been named as an heir in your very wealthy relative's Texas estate, it doesn't mean that after he or she dies you can simply show up to the house and collect the items or money left to you. It wouldn't be that simple. Before allowing any distribution of assets, the executor or personal representative of the will must take several steps, including convincing the court of the will's validity. Depending on the circumstances, the process could actually drag on for some time.

Do you have the ability to contest a will?

If you believe issues exist with the will of a recently deceased loved one, you may want to take action. However, serious legal procedures go along with contesting a will, and, therefore, you may wish to feel confident that moving forward with such action suits your circumstances. Only certain individuals can contest a will and must do so on specific grounds.

Can a will be handwritten?

A will is a legal document that is used to provide instructions on what should happen to property after a person passes away. A will can also name guardians for minor children, provide for pets, name an executor of the person's estate and more.

Has undue influence tainted your loved one's will?

The situation often goes something like this: After a loved one passes away, his or her family members are surprised to learn of a last-minute change in the will. Large sums of money or property were left to a single person. The change just doesn't seem in line with your loved one's intentions. Suspicions build, and you start to wonder whether the recipient twisted your loved one's arm.

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