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June 2016 Archives

Information on probate litigation may prove useful in Texas

After loved ones die, Texas residents will likely want to determine whether the deceased parties had wills or other estate documents. Many individuals take advantage of estate planning, and as a result, surviving loved ones may only have to contend with the distribution of assets through the probate process. However, in some instances, there may be concerns about wills that could lead to probate litigation.

Estate planning may reduce stress for Texas families

When individuals say that they are thinking about death, others may feel concerned or alarmed. However, it may be beneficial for Texas residents to think about death in terms of estate planning. It is likely to be an emotional experience, but creating plans could help surviving family members understand an individual's wishes for their end-of-life arrangements. 

Texas estate planning: With or without a will, probate is likely

Whether or not individuals have a will in place, their estates will likely go through the probate process. There are, of course, ways in which Texas residents may avoid such proceedings, but in many cases, individuals opt to create wills as part of their estate planning process. Wills are subject to probate, and individuals can select their estate administrators. If there is no will in place, a state-appointed administrator will handle the probate process.

How do I know if I need an estate plan?

If you have assets, property, children or pets and you care about what happens to them, then you need an estate plan. If you care about the medical treatment that you could receive after suffering a major injury or illness, then you need an estate plan.

Falsified estate planning documents may concern Texas residents

There are many reasons that individuals may feel the need to dispute certain aspects of an estate plan. There may have been issues regarding the beneficiaries named in the documents, or certain documents may even have been falsified. Though estate planning can be useful when it comes to distributing assets after a death, the situation may not always be as straightforward as hoped.

Texas residents may want info on estate planning and probate

Because there are many documents that may be associated with end-of-life decisions, some Texas residents may not know which options could be right for them. Each estate planning is unique. As a result, individuals may choose different planning methods in order to address how they would like their estate to be distributed.

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