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April 2017 Archives

Estate planning: Probate, non-probate assets may cause confusion

When surviving family members are unsure about certain aspects of an estate plan, this confusion can sometimes lead to conflict. Therefore, while they are estate planning, Texas residents may wish to understand how to lessen the likelihood of confusion. One area they may need more information about involves probate and non-probate assets.

Probate litigation may settle estate concerns in Texas

Having concerns over a loved one's estate can leave many individuals feeling uneasy. Some Texas residents may wonder whether their concerns are valid or if they are over-thinking a simple misunderstanding. However, there are cases in which issues with an estate could have come about due to unseemly actions from another individual, and parties may wish to consider probate litigation in order to address those issues.

If someone names you executor, be prepared for a bumpy ride

People can pay tribute to you in many ways. They can tell people how wonderful you are, make a donation in your honor to your favorite charity or name their children after you. Your loved one may have felt he or she bestowed a great honor on you by naming you as an estate executor.

Probate and estate administration info may help executors

Though many individuals may think that the creation aspect of estate planning is the most difficult part, that notion may not always prove true. After a loved one's death, surviving family members often face the responsibility of carrying out important tasks relating to probate and estate administration. Therefore, Texas residents may want to ensure that anyone they put in charge of the estate feels up to the challenge.

Probate and estate administration basics may prove useful

Though most Texas residents may know that an estate often goes through probate after a loved one's death, they may not fully understand what the process entails. Probate and estate administration can be a complicated proceeding, and because there are a variety of aspects to go along with the process, some parties may feel confused about what to expect. However, gaining information and assistance could help make the situation less intimidating.

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