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August 2016 Archives

What happens if my parents pass away without a will?

In a time of grieving the loss of your parents, it may feel scary thinking about the unknowns surrounding a possible will, and whether your parents' prized possessions will be passed on how they would have wanted. It's not just about material things, but about the legacy your parents left behind.

Estate planning may help Texas residents protect assets

Getting married again can often be a happy time in a Texas resident's life. However, there is much preparation and many financial and lifestyle issues to consider during that time. Though a new marriage may seem like the beginning of a new period in a person's life, it may also be prudent to consider estate planning and how the new spouse may factor into those end-of-life plans. 

Steps to take after a parent passes away

Losing a parent is difficult at any age. Even when a parent has lived a long and full life, saying goodbye is rarely easy. Not only do the adult children have to deal with the loss, they also have to deal with the legal aspects of a death, which can be daunting and confusing, especially during an already difficult time.

Estate planning clauses may cause legal conflict in Texas

When individuals are considering their estate plans, they may have a set idea of what the details of their wills should state. However, probate litigation is possible if other parties believe that the plans do not properly disclose the creator's intentions. As a result, individuals may wish to contest the will. Taking such action could be complicated, though, if individuals added certain precautionary clauses during their estate planning

Concerns may arise when dealing with probate litigation in Texas

There are various ways in which an individual or individuals may find themselves facing issues when it comes to an estate and probate. Texas readers may be interested in probate litigation currently taking place in another state. Reports stated that a man and his late wife had taken a woman into their home apparently to care for her after her Alzheimer's disease progressed. After his wife's death, the man reportedly had the woman admitted to a nursing home. 

Probate & estate administration issues for Prince case

As many individuals in Texas and across the country have mourned the death of music legend Prince over the last few months, issues concerning his estate have continued. The late artist died without having created a will, and as result, there have been complications pertaining to his probate & estate administration. Without information provided by the singer himself, court proceedings have continued.

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