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September 2016 Archives

Can a will be handwritten?

A will is a legal document that is used to provide instructions on what should happen to property after a person passes away. A will can also name guardians for minor children, provide for pets, name an executor of the person's estate and more.

Probate litigation: Estate of former Cubs player facing disputes

Estate issues could arise at any time after an individual's death, but it is often soon after the details of a will are disclosed that most disputes take place. In many instances, if affected parties are concerned about whether the details of a will express the true intent of the deceased, they may wish to contest the will. This action could potentially lead to probate litigation.

Estate planning documents, asset ownership could be contested

Some Texas residents may have witnessed upsetting events after a loved ones death in which individuals attempt to take certain property away. Items that may have been designated as part of an inheritance in estate planning documents could be argued over if an outside individual claims that the assets did not belong to the deceased. In many cases, such claims could cause considerable complications.

Probate litigation may help Texas families resolve estate issues

After losing a loved one, it is not unusual for the surviving family members to face a period of complications. Individuals will undoubtedly need to work through their emotions surrounding their loss, and there may also be legal issues pertaining to the estate of the deceased. In some instances, estate issues could lead to probate litigation or other legal action. 

Estate planning: Issues with executors could cause complications

When an individual is named the executor or executrix of an estate, that person has many responsibilities. Mainly, the executor must ensure that the estate is distributed in the manner that the deceased individual desired. Therefore, Texas residents may want to take care when estate planning and appointing executors to their estates and understand that complications could potentially arise.

Sumner Redstone probate litigation continues

Issues concerning a loved one's estate could leave Texas residents facing difficulties. As a result, the concerned parties may wish to challenge certain aspects of an estate plan through probate litigation. Individuals may be interested in such a situation currently taking place in multiple courts in different areas. The cases involve the estate of Sumner Redstone, founder of mass media company Viacom. 

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