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February 2017 Archives

The family business may lead to probate litigation in Texas

Facing conflicts with family may be among the most difficult situations to handle. Disputes can often arise after the death of a loved one when arguments regarding the estate plan erupt among surviving family members. In many cases, this conflict can lead to probate litigation. Texas residents may be interested in one case in another state that has been underway for some time. 

Do you have the ability to contest a will?

If you believe issues exist with the will of a recently deceased loved one, you may want to take action. However, serious legal procedures go along with contesting a will, and, therefore, you may wish to feel confident that moving forward with such action suits your circumstances. Only certain individuals can contest a will and must do so on specific grounds.

Probate litigation may draw out Texas estate administration

After laying a loved one to rest, many individuals hope that they will be able to address any outstanding estate concerns and move forward. However, some estates may have complications that lead to probate litigation. As a result, surviving family members may face drawn-out processes that require legal action in order to be fully addressed. 

Various tools may suit Texas residents' estate planning needs

Because all Texas residents' lives are unique, each individual's estate plan also differs from all others. Therefore, parties who are considering their estate planning options may wish to understand that there is no single way that counts as the right way to plan. Some individuals may find a simple approach adequate, while others may need multiple documents and planning tools to express their end-of-life wishes. 

Fernandez estate may face probate and estate administration issue

When a loved one dies suddenly, especially at a young age, there may be a possibility that the individual did not create an estate plan. As a result, probate and estate administration concerns may arise due to the lack of a will and other documents. In many cases, surviving family may face complications when it comes to ensuring that the estate is properly handled. 

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