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A last will and testament is the cornerstone of any solid, forward-looking estate plan.

The will’s importance is such that the experienced wills lawyer who assists you with it should excel at will preparation, formulation of advance directives, coordination of efforts with will executors and distribution of assets for inheritances.

The simple wills attorney you should speak with in San Antonio and Bexar County is Russell Aldrich of Aldrich Law Firm, PLLC. Our estate law office’s founder protects your legacy with extensive knowledge, personal service and cost-effective solutions, start to finish.

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Considerations for drafting and executing a last will and testament include:

  • Decedent — a deceased person
  • Testator — the person making a will
  • Beneficiary — a person named in a will who will receive estate property
  • Executor — the person named in a will who is charged with probating the will, distributing estate property to beneficiaries and finalizing your affairs
  • Estate — the property and debts of a decedent at the time of their death
  • Probate — the legal process validating a decedent’s will and authorizing administration of the estate
  • Administration — the process of managing an estate after probating a will

The two most important parts of a will are the beneficiaries and the executor. The beneficiaries are the individuals who will receive property from your estate. An executor is the person charged with carrying out the terms of a will. Beneficiaries and executors should be clearly defined in the will.

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