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Independent Administration

Are you an independent executor of an estate in San Antonio seeking a probate or estate settlement without court supervision?

You could benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced independent administration attorney who knows the law and how to help you achieve your goals.

Russell Aldrich of Aldrich Law Firm, PLLC, is exactly that kind of lawyer. For many years, our San Antonio estate and probate law office’s founder has assisted clients from all walks of life with their estate administration objectives.

Independent administration requires far less court oversight than dependent administration, making it a more affordable and less time-consuming option. Independent administrators can act on behalf of the estate without seeking approval from the probate court. In other words, they are free to sell property, pay debts, close bank accounts and transfer title without filing any legal documents with the court.

Because a probate lawyer would be required to draft and file each of these documents, independent administration reduces attorney costs significantly.

Russell Aldrich can explain independent administration in greater detail during your free initial consultation with Aldrich Law Firm, PLLC.

Personal Attention, Cost-Effective Solutions For Your Independent Estate Administration

The Texas Probate Code allows for independent administration when it is designated in a decedent’s will. Probate courts may also allow independent administration when all of the beneficiaries file their written consents with the court.

Also, most probate courts require the administrator to retain an attorney. The two San Antonio Probate Courts — Bexar County Probate Court 1 and Bexar County Probate Court 2 — require that an estate have a probate lawyer for the duration of its administration.

Russell Aldrich has frequently attended hearings in Bexar County Probate Courts 1 and 2 and is highly experienced in both routine and complex probate matters. Contact Aldrich Law Firm, PLLC, by phone at 210-418-1150 or by email message.

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Russell Aldrich founded the Aldrich Law Firm in 2011.

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