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Dependent Administration

The state of Texas requires the administration of an estate if the decedent owed debts to creditors.

The Texas Probate Code outlines two types of estate administration: independent and dependent. San Antonio courts generally require that you retain an attorney, preferably one with experience in Texas probate law.

Although dependent administration is more time-consuming and costly than independent administration, this method is sometimes required when beneficiaries cannot get along or when court oversight is required. Additionally, because there are more stringent requirements for creditors to which the estate owed money, it is sometimes preferable when there are considerable debts owed by the estate.

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The main difference between independent and dependent administration is court oversight. In an independent administration, the independent administrator can sell assets, pay debts, transfer property and make distributions without the need for approval from the probate court. Dependent administrators, on the other hand, must request court permission, which involves the drafting of legal documents and hearings in front of a probate judge.

A probate attorney will be required to assist the administrator throughout the dependent administration, which can take up to a full year or more.

The requirements for a dependent administration can be extremely complex and overwhelming to the lay person. Do not attempt to handle this kind of challenge yourself. You should contact Russell Aldrich and Aldrich Law Firm, PLLC, for sound advice and solid support that can make a difference.

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